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22, 1960 in Whitewater, WI Married: June 01, 1904 in Whitewater, WI Edward Winn born Dec. 13, 1892 in Koskonong, WI; died March 17, 1968 resided in Whitewater, WI Dr. He was born around 1787 somewhere in PA Rosemary West NOEL, Anna Marie born Westmoreland County PA died Glen Connel 4 March 1857 age 64 years 6 Months There's no indication if she married a Noel or if she was single. Peters Port, Isle of Guernsey, Channel Islands son of Jean NOEL and Elizabeth Wilkens. Jean NOEL and Elizabeth Wilkens were from the Isle of Jersey. He was married, had children and his wife died (don't know his first wife's name either) then he married my grandmother, Gertrude Moore Swartley. From what I can find, Lewis and Sally lived in Rockville, IN and was bureid in Rockville Cem. Seems that some of ttheir children settled at Loretto. 06, 1879 in Whitewater, WI; died July 09, 1938 in Whitewater, WI 4 Noel Edward Winn born Oct. William Henry Fritsche born March 20, 1895 died Jan.24, 1923 in New Ulm, MN 4 Margaret Louise Fritsche Dec. John Joseph Weakland married Anna Elisabeth Noel (1846-1882); my 2nd great grand uncle Anthony Anstead was married to Catherine Noel (daughter of Phillip Noel 1821-1895); my 2nd great grand aunt Louisa Glasser Bauman was married to Joseph Schwab whose mother was Mary Magdalen Noel (born 1812) married Aloysius Swope (Schwab). Would like help with any information about parents or siblings. They had one son, my father, Robert Bentley Noel, Jr. Roherta Lee James and Joanne Noel who were from Marion county KY. Researching Mc GUIRE, BENDER, FARABAUGH [email protected]'ve been looking for a George William Noel, born December 23, 1845. Father was, I believe, Jacob Noel (Noell, Noles, Noels, etc). It is believed that John Calvin was born in Wayne County, IA. Noel born 1855 John Noel married Sarah Taylor in 1866. Notes for RACHEL APPOLONIA NOEL: 1850 Washington Twp., Cambria Co., PA John 58; Mary 56; Rachel 25; John 22 iii. An Isaac Noel married a Mary Magdalen Roudebush at Loretto in 1829. Descendants of Joseph NOEL 1 Joseph NOEL Born: 1680 in Germany Died: 1753 .2 John NOEL I Born: Abt. 3 Andrew NOEL Born: 1753 in York County, Pennsylvania Died: 1817 in Adams County, Pennsylvania ......... and that he and his father, David, worked in the coal mines. and Etta Noel were married in Russell, Wayne County, IA. [email protected] Noel who was born in Pennsylvania, married Mary Cooper and died in White County, Indiana, in 1848? 05, 1867 in Jefferson Co, WI; died June 17, 1958 Married: June 15, 1885 Ernest Elmer Cadwell 4 Phillip Earl Cadwell born Oct. Cannot find burial or any other information on Louisa NOEL and cannot prove the connection at this time. My ggggrandmother was a Margaret Noel who married Henry Williams. 1805) Karen Booth - Here is what I have on John and Mary Burk Noel. JOHN4 NOEL (NICHOLAS3, PETER2, JOSEPH1) was born May 1792 in Adams Co., PA1. This Isaac may have been the son of Peter and Margaret Noel of Sportman's Hall. 1722 in Germany Died: 1765 in Paradise Township, York County, Pennsylvania ..... Athenian democracy developed around the fifth century BC in the Greek city-state (known as a polis) of Athens, comprising the city of Athens and the surrounding territory of Attica, and is the first known democracy in the world.Other Greek cities set up democracies, most following the Athenian model, but none are as well documented as Athens'.

Etta Allred Noel was of the congregationalist faith (her father Rev. Dana Foster Waters From Virginia No Offsprng - Married 3 times (Humphrey, Madison, Downing) My dad told me that his side was from the Tiffin Ohio area. 20, 1908 2 *Albert Messenger born abt 1838 in IL 2 *James Messenger born abt 184O in IL * Albert and James were sons from Polly Laurinda Webb's first marriage to Mr. 09, 1897 in Whitewater, WI 2 William Noel born Sept. 16, 1933 in Fort Atkinson, Jefferson Co., WI Married: July 28, 1867 in Koskonong, Jefferson Co., WI Harriet Louisa De Grodt born May 07, 1850; died Jan. 05, 1876; Waldo Warren Hibbard 4 Gail Hibbard born Nov. Wilkie 3 Emma Honnok Noel born April 23, 1882; died 1964 Rush L. 31, 1880 4 Russel Chapman born March 12, 1900 3 Eva Laurinda Noel born Jan. 09, 1910 in Fort Atkinson, WI; died June 28, 1983 in Ellensberg, WA Married July 01, 1933 in Fort Atkinson, WI Marie Floerke 4 Grace Noel born 1911 2 George Washington Noel born Feb. He is living at Salem Cross Roads in Penn Borough, Westmoreland County, PA in 1870. He has two young women living with him Sarah and Susanna Mc Cleland, one is his housekeeper. 12 July 1916 Wellsburg, Brooke, West Virginia to Eva Mc Kinley Eva Mc Kinley b. I have no precise years for them, but my gggrandmother, Ann Williams (who married George Washington Taylor) was born in 1843 and is believed to have been their first child. Notes for JOHN NOEL: Parents named in marriage record. One early Noel is Abraham (1788-1876), married to Mary Ann or Magdalen, had children from 1816-38. He was enlisted in Parke Co., Indianna in l863 and discharged 6 months later.

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Adding to the romantic complications is competition from Louise's best friend from high school, Missy, who shows up to claim the affections of the boy; Louise's co-dependent ex-husband Peter; her cynical mother and fresh-out-of-rehab brother. S." is funny, sweet and moving and better than most romantic-comedies these days. Linney makes acting look so easy, a pleasure to watch. S.," Linney's Louise Harrington, a Columbia University administrator who maintains a close relationship with her ex-husband, Peter (Gabriel Byrne). Her late childhood sweetheart was an artist named Scott Feinstadt. Scott with confidence and a cavalier attitude that immediately lets us know what kind of a person he is even before we see him. We watch as this mature woman feels the excitement of a new love and it's something with which we're all familiar. Kidd's direction here seems more assured than his debut film, "Rodger Dodger" (2002). S." might not have moments you recall years later - I still remember the park bench and party-crashing scenes from "Rodger Dodger." But "P.

One day she's startled when she gets an application to the School of Visual Arts from a young artist named F. Naturally, Louise wants to know more about the young applicant and what follows is a wonderful telling of the lengths to which we go sometimes to rekindle old passions. Scott has attitude to spare and Kidd uses him wisely. Scott is not what we'd normally expect - a meet-cute or the initial interview at Columbia. Scott is through a telephone, when Louise calls him up to ask for samples of his work. The film runs into problems when we're introduced to Louise's best friend, Missy (Marcia Gay Harden), a flirt who played a key role in the Louise-Scott relationship years before. S." still is an awfully good film with a fine ensemble cast. But it's infinitely better than most of the movies in wide release right now.