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Unlike all the other sites where you have a bunch of freeloaders and rag-tags.

As a spy, much of his personal information must be considered classified, which is why there's so little of it.

He joined CONTROL to "fight the forces of evil and serve on the side of niceness." Besides, he needed the money [Episode #63: "The Spy Who Met Himself"].

Chaon Cross Kevin Barry Crowley Daniel Joseph Coonley Tony Di Falco Steve Hiltebrand Sean M. James Termondt, Mazza Foundation, and the Howard A.

He is also a Ensign in the US Navy reserve [Epsiode #98: "Temporarily Out of CONTROL"].

Max has never done anything other than spy, as CONTROL recruited him right out of college as a "bonus baby spy." [Episode #65: "Maxwell Smart, Private Eye"].

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For those that don’t know Flirt4Free is the cadillac of cam sites.

As they sit around the campfire trading laughs the wood isn't the only thing getting hot.

While the animals howl in the night, these smooth and sexy boys let their own wild side out of the cage in Bumfuck Nowhere.

Max says he was "raised in the city" [Episode #88: "Snoopy Smart Vs.

The Red Baron"] but which city is uncertain; he considers Washington, D. his home town [Episode #57: "Pussycats Galore"] but claims to be from Minnesota - although he gets the state motto wrong; the "show-me" state is Missouri [Episode #5: "Now You See Him, Now You Don't"] (To complicate matters further, in the first Get Smart novel he claims to be a "native New Yorker").