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The zoo just tweeted: “We’re excited to announce we’re expecting a baby rhino!This helps us further emphasize our commitment to securing a #futureforwildlife.”9.20am BST: The light in April’s barn is keeping the pregnant giraffe illuminated as she enters the last stage of her pregnancy.The mum-to-be is slowly chewing away on cud despite reports of her lack of appetite.A frustrated Twitter user just tweeted: “It's 4am do you know what @April The Giraffe is doing?

Millions of people around the world are closely following the viral live stream of the pregnant giraffe who appears very close to giving birth.

April's zoo in upstate New York predicted the arrival of an 'April Fool's' baby' yesterday but the overdue giraffe remains pregnant and has still not given birth yet.

As the world continues to wait for April to go into labour at long last, here are the latest updates from her live stream and the Animal Adventure Park.

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