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Rather we simply concentrate in a simple configuration of a custom zone and config file for a given domain / host supporting www, mail services. Last thing before we go ahead to check a configuration is to add and IP address af a stable DNS server to a options file.Sample scenario notes to help you ready this DNS bind howto:dnsutils is not compulsory package to run bind webserver, but we will use a dig command which is part of this package as a testing tool of your bind configuration. This IP address is used in case that a local DNS server do not know the answer the a name resolution query.You may now test the validity of the domain against the SSL certificate being used.It is not safe to use this long term because the ELB IPs are dynamic and may change at any point, but for testing it will work, as long as the ELB continues to use the IP you selected.At this stage we will need to create a new zone file for a domain In IP address of a DNS server in many cases is provided by your Internet provider.Navigate to /etc/bind/ directory execute following sequence of commands to navigate to zones/master//etc/bind/zones/master directory will contain a zone file for a domain. IN A ns1 IN A ns2 IN A www IN CNAME At this stage the bind DNS server can resolve an IP address mapped to a host. Alternatively if you are google fan use or in the world has a first name and a last, or family, name.

is in /etc/hosts, and try to go to and download customers.pdf, the download will fail because the request is aimed at dev.mysite.com/brochures/customers.pdf, but the actual address is acquia-sites.com/brochures/

This chapter will explain how to configure your own DNS server to help guide Web surfers to your site.

Before you dig too deep in DNS, you need to understand a few foundation concepts on which the rest of the chapter will be built.

In modern operating systems, the hosts file remains an alternative name resolution mechanism, configurable often as part of facilities such as the Name Service Switch as either the primary method or as a fallback method.

The hosts file is one of several system facilities that assists in addressing network nodes in a computer network.